Nei Hollerich

  • in planning phase
  • the Cité de la sécurité sociale will lead to the vacation of the Office des assurances sociales located in the Hollerich district
  • to allow a forthcoming optimal urbanisation of the cleared land, a joint special development plan (PAP) is being drawn up with the City of Luxembourg and the owners of the neighbouring sites (Heintz van Landewyck and Paul Wurth S.A.)
  • gross surface area of the PAP is 20.52 hectares, of which 2.45 hectares belong to the FDC
  • total gross building surface of 390 000 m2, of which 46 550 m2 belong to the FDC
  • 2016: discussions with the City of Luxembourg and the owners of the neighbouring sites, during which it was decided, among other things, that a joint special development plan (PAP) would be drawn up
  • 2017: to have an initial urbanisation concept of the given site, Albert Speer & Partner GmbH and Architectes Paczowski et Fritsch S.à r.l. were mandated to draw up an urbanisation study. Simultaneously, discussions were continued with several involved parties
  • 2017: signing of an agreement regulating the collaboration between the various parties involved with a view to drawing up a joint PAP
  • 2018: following the entry into force of the law of 15 May 2018 on environmental impact assessment, start of the environmental impact assessment studies (EIR procedure) for the given site
  • 2019: refinement of the urban planning studies and progress of the negociations with the municipal authorities and other involved parties for the preparation of the final PAP
  • 2020: EIA procedure still ongoing
  • 2020: submission of the PAP application
  • 2020: initiation of a working group by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works for the optimisation of the multimodal hub (bus/tram/train) to be realised
  • approval of the PAP by the responsible Minister





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